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Offering self-paced, in-depth learning and pedagogical skills through a collection of curated, internationally benchmarked PD micro-modules to bring you on Education 2.0 board.

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Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the key features in education 2.0 through acquiring knowledge about the education 2.0 vision for educational reform, the multidisciplinary approach and the importance of applying it as apart of the education reform.
  • Recognize structure of the multidiciplianry book " Discover” and the main components of "Discover" book and the importance of having the sequence (Discover - Learn - share)
  • Aquire the philosophy that the math window is built on and the daily routine and its importance on the pupils' mathematical skills .
  • Understand the support of "Discover book " to the literacy skills
  • Analyze and apply education 2.0 confidently in their classes through studying The impact of embedding life skills on pupils to be good citizens , The impact of embedding local and global issue on pupils as good citizens, the impact of applying computational thinking & design thinking in promoting pupils' higher thinking and the importance of applying the formative assessment cycle and strategies
  • Analyze , apply education 2.0 confidently in their classes and create opportunities to promote critical thinking and creativity skills of the students through : Promote Literacy and maths skills , Life skills in P3 books, promote scientific and inquiry skills and promoting critical thinking and creativity in multi disciplinary

Skills you will learn

Lesson planning Computational thinking

Course Modules

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